Best Ice Cream in Omaha, Nebraska

Best Ice Cream in Omaha, Nebraska

What’s not to love about the River City of Nebraska? The friendly locals, the delicious steaks, and the intense love for sports. While there are a lot of fun places to visit and special events to attend, it’s the best ice cream in Omaha that is the most irresistible of all.

Best Ice Cream in Omaha, Nebraska

Best Ice Cream Shops in Omaha

Here are the most popular spots in Omaha to find some amazing ice cream.

Coneflower Creamery

A local favorite, this trendy ice cream parlor in the Blackstone District takes its name from Nebraska’s wildflowers.

They use fresh, local ingredients for a farm-to-cone experience and make delicious homemade ice cream in classic and unique flavors. Their constantly evolving menu means you’ll find something new to try when you visit weekly.

Apart from their constant classics like Vanilla Bean, Dark Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and Salted Caramel, other delicious flavors include Butter Brickle, Archetype Coffee, Tart Cherry Crumble, Grandma Minnie’s Lemon Bar, and White Chocolate Basil.

Even if you aren’t a vegan, you’ll be tempted to try some sumptuous vegan offerings at Coneflower Creamery. Passion Fruit Banana Mango Sorbet, Vegan Golden Milk, and Vegan Cookies and Cream will have you drooling at the mere sight.

You can also take your pick from their ice pops, ice cream floats, and ice cream sandwiches; your tastebuds will be partying with your choice.

Dairy Chef

For high-quality, soft-serve ice cream, Dairy Chef is the place to visit in Omaha. They have some lovely flavors like Strawberry and Lemon and Cotton Candy-dipped cones.

Their other mouth-watering ice cream flavors include You Had Me At Strawberry, Cinnamon, Pineapple and Raspberry, and Candy Cane Lane. You can also find dairy-free options.

And, if there’s one thing apart from soft serve that will knock your socks off, it’s their ice cream cookie sandwiches with homemade cookies. While you can also pick a sundae, float, or banana split, you can make it a whole meal by trying their burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and more.

Even in the hot summer temperatures, long lines testify to the deliciousness you can experience at this place.

eCreamery Ice Cream & Gelato

At eCreamery, you can find ice cream, gelato, cookies, and sorbet to satisfy your sweet tooth. eCreamery also appeared on ‘Shark Tank’, and their Shark Bait flavor (sea salt caramel ice cream with chocolate-covered pretzels) is undoubtedly one of the best.

The other delicious flavors include Omaha’s #1 Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cup, Irish Cream with Brownies, Butter Brickle, and Wake Up & Talk About Mental Health (coffee caramel ice cream with butter brickle pieces and fudge swirls).

If you fancy sorbet, they have Lemon and Forest Berry flavors; the vegans can get some Coffee Chocolate Chunk. There’s Salted Chocolate Caramel, Reese’s Pieces, and Golden Oreo Cream Pie for gelato lovers.

Among the fun things about this ice cream shop in the heart of Dundee, you can pick your flavor from their gourmet lineup of handcrafted ice cream and personalize your pint with a photo, title, or fun pre-made label for gifting.

Are you up for a challenge? Give eCreamery’s Dundee Challenge a shot – 12 scoops of ice cream in 20 minutes.

Ted & Wally’s Ultra-Premium Homemade Ice Cream

This family-run establishment is a special one among the scoop shops of Omaha. Partnering with over 40 farmers, producers, artisans, and chefs, Ted & Wally’s has crafted nearly 3000 ice cream flavors.

This Omaha staple has been making great ice cream using only the finest ingredients from local producers since 1984. Their ultra-premium 20% butterfat ice cream is uniquely rich and one-of-a-kind.

They have daily-changing flavors, and they churn each batch of ice cream the old-fashioned way, with the antique White Mountain freezers, rock salt, and ice. Besides the classic flavors, they have keto, vegan, and more adventurous options.

Visit their outlet in the heart of the Old Market or Benson District for a sumptuous ice cream cone, sundae, shake, or ice cream sandwich made with a fresh donut.

Dutch chocolate, Orange Sherbert, Blueberry Crisp, Lemon Custard, Chili Ginger Cinnamon, and Squid Ink ice cream (no, I’m not kidding!); see what you can find when you visit them!

Zesto Ice Cream & Grill

A great place for good food and excellent frozen desserts, Zesto has been voted one of Omaha’s best ice cream parlors.

Choose from their dipped and rolled cones, dishes, floats, freezes, ice cream sodas, shakes, malts, sundaes, or ice cream sandwiches for your frozen treats fix; the options are vast.

Their ice cream cakes are the absolute best; the different flavors range from The Hot Fudge Brownie, The Banana Split, and Birthday Cake to The Zesto Cake, Chocolate Rocky Road, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Other Places With Delicious Ice Cream in Omaha

Here are some other places in and around Omaha to drop by for mouthwatering frozen desserts:

The cherry on top!

What is it you crave? Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup, some unique seasonal flavors, or scoops of ice cream of your favorite flavors in a waffle cone? Omaha’s ice cream shops won’t disappoint.

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