Suz ice cream


How it all began

I think it was written in the cards. My father was mad for ice cream! One lick of coffee ice cream and that was it for me. I have to admit that coffee is still my go-to and I always have a tub of it in the freezer.

A semester abroad in Florence introduced me to the wonder that is gelato. Being a Philly girl, I knew there was and had enjoyed water ice, but Italian gelato and sorbetto rocked my world! Now it’s time to share this love with everyone!


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My other love

Some of you know that I also love fell in love with cocktail culture and, upon emigrating to London after a stint in New York city, I launched A Lush Life Manual, my drinks blog!

A Lush Life Manual is the How-To Guide for Living Life One Cocktail at a Time.

What do I mean by that? Every second of the cocktail experience brings me joy: selecting the bar, sitting down, reading the menu, talking to the floor-tender (as my friend and the best floor-tender in the business Alfonso Califano calls it), choosing the cocktail, watching the bartenders at work, and having it placed in front of me. All of this ceremony is as exciting as the actual act of drinking it.

My goal is to bring that passion to Ice Cream!

You’ll find ice cream recipes, ice cream reviews, ice cream information, and guides to finding the best ice cream around the world!

See you at the ice cream parlour!