Best Ice Cream in Bar Harbor, Maine

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One of New England’s most beloved coastal towns – Bar Harbor, located on Mount Desert Island, Maine, is known for the stunning Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain. If you’re an ice cream lover like me, you’ll want to indulge in the best ice cream in Bar Harbor.

Best Ice Cream in Bar Harbor, Mainejpg

Best Ice Cream Spots in Bar Harbor

Satisfy your cravings for a sweet treat with sumptuous frozen desserts from these popular spots in this fascinating town.

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

Don’t be surprised if you see presidents enjoying a cone of their famous Chocolate Wasabi ice cream here. Obama stopped by and the rest is history!

MDI opened in 2005 and has made its way to being on Food and Wine’s magazine America’s top 25 ice cream parlors. There is a reason it is so good: they squeeze lemons for lemon sorbet, scrape the beans for vanilla bean ice cream, and use the finest chocolate bar for chocolate ice cream.

It’s a great place to try out some unusual yet delicious flavors too. Some of their tastebuds-tingling flavors include Butterscotch Miso, Bay of Figs, Blackstrap Banana, Cinnamon Cardamom, Blueberry Buttermilk (my favorite), Butterbeer, Dude (White Russian ice cream – of course), and Thai Chili Coconut.

If you can’t decide what to get, try their sampler dish that you can share. And, if you’re almost full after a heavy dinner, ask for a split scoop.

Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium

Stepping into their shop gives you the feel of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. More than just an exquisite chocolate shop and candy store, Ben & Bill’s also has an extensive list of ice cream flavors that will delight you.

For those seeking out an adventurous, never-before-heard-of flavor, there’s Ben & Bill’s Lobster ice cream. As crazy as that may sound, it’s surprisingly delicious – tiny frozen pieces of lobster in creamy vanilla ice cream – strange, yet subtle.

While the Lobster is their highlight, they have other delectable flavors like Graham Slam, Whoopie Pie, Husky Lover, Moose Droppings, and Peppermint Stick. They also serve gelato, yogurt, sorbet, banana splits, and vegan and gluten-free ice cream.

Udder Heaven Ice Cream Retreat

If you’re heading to Pirate Cove Adventure Golf for a day of fun, don’t miss dropping by Udder Heaven Ice Cream Retreat right across the street.

With over 65 super-premium ice cream, soft serve, Italian ice, sorbet, sherbet, frozen yogurt, and non-dairy dessert options, your only regret will be not having tried their frozen desserts earlier.

Some amusing flavors include Apple Pie, Toasted Peach Praline, Trail Mix, Key Lime Pie, Beer Breathe Biscotti, Black Raspberry, Coffee Oreo, Grape Nut, Salted Pretzel, and Kooky Monstah.

Need help making up your mind? Try their flight from ‘Heaven’, which includes four of your favorite ice cream flavors.

You can have your frozen treat in an ice cream cone, cup, or one of their waffle cones (try their Oreo-dipped waffle cone). Even better, you can turn your ice cream choice into one of their famous sundaes.

That’s not all; you can also pick one of their amazing ice cream pies, whoopie pies, sodas, floats, shakes, frappes, and sundaes.

Jordan Pond Ice Cream & Fudge

At Jordan Pond House, they make even simple flavors like Peach or Blueberry ice cream taste spectacular. Try their Mudslide, Mocha Oreo, Cookie Dough, or Chocolate Implosion; you’ll love it all. Don’t forget to take home some of their homemade fudge! I especially recommend their carrot cake fudge.

CJ’s Big Dipper

If you are health-conscious, but have a never-ending love for ice cream, visit CJ’s Big Dipper, and you’ll rejoice with their healthy selections of frozen desserts.

You’ll find sorbets, almond milk-swirl soft serve, and vegan-friendly soy ice cream (about 12 flavors at a time).

They have some out-of-this-world Blueberry soft serve (made using fresh wild Maine blueberries). Take it up a notch and have a slice of their Blueberry pie with Blueberry ice cream on top or their Blueberry Habanero Sorbet!

Some other amazing ice cream flavors include Almond Joy, Butter Crunch, Salted Caramel Truffle, Maine Black Bear, Caramel Caribou, and Lighthouse Lemon.

Other Places With Good Ice Cream in Bar Harbor

Here are some other great places in Bar Harbor to find delicious frozen treats:

The cherry on top!

Go on a hike through Acadia National Park, set up camp at one of the area campgrounds, crack some lobster claws, and feast on the bounty of seafood at the best restaurants; however, no trip to Bar Harbor is complete without indulging in the best ice cream.

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