Best Ice Cream in Vancouver, Canada

Best Ice Cream in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, also known as “Hollywood of the North,” will stun you with its truly diverse population, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant food scene. Thanks to its moderate oceanic climate, you can relish the best ice cream in Vancouver any time of the year. It is, after all, one of the warmest cities in Canada.

Best Ice Cream in Vancouver, Canada

Best Ice Cream Shops in Vancouver

The Vancouver ice cream scene will provide you with a crazy number of choices to help satisfy your sweet tooth. Here’s a list of the best spots I recommend.

Bella Gelateria Gelato & Coffee

Award-winning gelato that’s all about true artisanship, flavor, and quality is what you find at Bella Gelateria. They take pride in using the best ingredients from local farmers.

The mere sight of the different colors of gelato is a treat to the eyes. With bursting flavors and generous samples, the long lines in summer are no surprise.

Among their popular flavors that you mustn’t miss is the Akbar Mashti – their personal take on the traditional Persian ice cream treat, made with saffron and rosewater and garnished with roasted pistachio.

There’s also Black Sesame, Salted Caramel, Early Grey Tea, London Fog, and Espresso with Chocolate Bark. They have a separate section only for chocolate gelato! Each bite of their gelato will take you on a flavor experience of Italy.

Would you fancy a gelato drink instead? You can get your choice of gelato covered in an espresso shot, hot chocolate, or blended into a delicious frappe.

Earnest Ice Cream

This ice cream parlor might have a more classic flavor offering, but it’s definitely top-notch. Their rotating seasonal flavors will give you an excellent reason to return for more.

Flavors like Whisky Hazelnut and Matcha Green Tea make this place a perennial hotspot. Among the many vegan options, the Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel sandwiches are a delight to even non-vegans.

Their many locations include one in the Olympic Village, one in North Van, and other outlets in Metro Vancouver, apart from being one of the city’s favorite local retail suppliers.

Don’t miss out on the ice cream sandwiches!

La Glace

A French artisanal ice cream shop that serves the most mouth-watering French-style ice cream around; that’s La Glace for you.

The secret to their perfect-looking and tasting ice cream lies in their use of Creme Anglaise base (custard made with heavy cream and egg yolks). It’s a great place not only for its ice cream, but also for the French-style decor that’s a treat for your eyes.

They have a daily changing menu, but some of their fun choices include Mango Chili, Birthday Cake, and Calo Chocolat A L’Orange (orange zest, bay leaf, and chocolate espresso flakes), Raspberry White Chocolate and Mint Chocolate.

They also have ice cream cakes, vegan options, and ice cream-tasting flights for those who can’t choose a flavor.

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Be it rain or shine, there’s no bad time for ice cream in Vancouver. This homemade ice cream shop might’ve opened only in 2013, but it’s become one of the best ice cream places in the city.

What’s not to love about the rich texture and flavor of the ice cream at Rain or Shine? Their popular picks include Blueberry Balsamic, Malted Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Honey Lavender, Coffee Toffee, and London Fog.

Among their seasonal flavors are specials like Watermelon Margarita and Strawberry Earl Grey. Not able to make up your mind about a choice of flavor? Go for their four-flavor ice cream flights instead!

The smell of freshly-made waffle cones wafting through the store adds to the comforting dessert experience. And if you visit on a Tuesday, you can try their beloved ice cream taco!

They’re spread across several locations and also operate a mobile food truck.

Mister Artisan Ice Cream

What you’re served here is not your average ice cream, for they use liquid nitrogen to give the cups and cones of ice cream a whole new texture.

Their signature Pentagon cup, seasonal flavors in regular rotation, and local ingredients translate to sheer genius.

Some of their menu specials include HK Milk Tea, Avocado, Strawberry Mint, and Double Oreo. If you ask me, the highlights here are the ice cream sammies and Creme Brulee.

Other Places With Delicious Ice Cream in Vancouver

Obviously, the list doesn’t end there. Here are other places in Vancouver that are just as good as the ones listed above.

The cherry on top!

A visit to Vancouver will expose you to a plethora of activities and places to visit. And to make your trip more enjoyable is the best ice cream in Vancouver.

Whether you desire regular flavors, ice cream sundaes, soft serve ice cream, or any other frozen dessert, Vancouver has all the good stuff. Have you tried ice cream shop-hopping? Vancouver is the best place to do that!

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