Best Ice Cream in Wichita, Kansas

Best Ice Cream in Wichita, Kansas

The birthplace of White Castle and Pizza Hut fast-food restaurants, the heart of Kansas is also an excellent place for splendid sweet treats. If you’re looking for the best ice cream in Wichita, Kansas, here are the places to find it.

Best Places for Delicious Ice Cream in Wichita

If you’re one of those ice cream lovers who loves to travel in order to sample frozen desserts across the United States (or even the world), here’s a list of the best in Wichita to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Churn & Burn

It’s an ice cream shop, it’s a coffee shop; it’s Churn & Burn. This locally-owned place is a top choice for coffee, delicious ice cream, or a combination.

Old-fashioned recipes and liquid nitrogen technology make for an amazingly smooth, tasty, and cool treat. You can also watch in awe as they freeze espresso or cold-brewed coffee with their handcrafted cream base using liquid nitrogen in only two minutes.

Fancy some custom-made ice cream? Select from their vanilla or chocolate ice cream base and soy or coconut gelato base, and add your favorite mix-ins and sauces. You can also go with other readily available flavors like Honey Sunflower, Strawberry Balsamic, Cranberry Walnut, Cheesecake, and more.

Give their C&B Turtle a shot (chocolate ice cream with caramel syrup, pecans, and espresso, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce); it’ll be your new-found love.

If you’ve visited Joyland Amusement Park before it closed down, a trip to Churn & Burn will take you down memory lane, thanks to the relics decorating the place!

Old Mill Tasty Shop

A quaint, old soda fountain shop with great food, great drinks, and delicious desserts, the Old Mill Tasty Shop has Wichita’s original soda fountain of 1932 still in use.

You’ll go back in time at this classic Old Town place with its back bar, mirror, brass rail, and a 25-foot marble counter.

Enjoy the fountain-style soda pop, floats, sundaes, and malts apart from their mouth-watering food. The best part is they also have half sundaes. Don’t fill up on the main course; leave some room for a sundae – you won’t regret it.

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Whether you’d like the traditional chocolate or vanilla ice cream on a cone or a delicious sundae, you’ll enjoy your pick at Andy’s. Their seasonal favorites like Strawberry Shortcake Sundae and Pumpkin Pie Concrete are must-tries.

Other Concretes tantalize, like the Nutty Waffle Crunch (vanilla frozen custard blended with melted chocolate chip, crushed nuts, and waffle cone pieces). Pick The Original Straw-ana (vanilla frozen custard covered with strawberries and sliced bananas) for something simple yet delicious.

Using only the highest quality ingredients in their mix, they always serve their custard within one hour of making it; freshly served indeed! They have great customer service; you can drive through or walk up to their window to get your frozen custard.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard

A local favorite for delicious fast food, their frozen custard will have you drooling as much as their steakburgers.

Their latest addition, the Birthday Cake Shake, made with creamy vanilla frozen custard blended with birthday cake pieces, rainbow sprinkles, cupcake syrup, and delicious cotton candy topping, is the ultimate temptation.

A delight for the kids – Dirt N Worms frozen custard, made with vanilla custard, Gummi worms, Oreo cookies, and whipped cream, will also have adults gladly indulging in it. And if you haven’t tried the giant Oreo ice cream sandwiches yet, you’re missing out on some of the best desserts you’ll ever have.

Don’t fill up on their burgers and fries; save some room for dessert at Freddy’s.

  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard, 310 N Rock Rd, and 11525 E 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67206. Check their website for other locations


Formerly Paleterias Tropicana, Palacana is all about serving authentic Mexican homemade ice cream to anyone who loves to indulge in 100% natural, Michoacan-style ice cream.

This ice cream store also has choices of fruit cocktails, smoothies, their specialty drinks – Aguas Frescas, churros, and traditional Mexican food.

Going beyond the regular ice cream, you can pick from Raspado (shaved ice), Paletas (Fruit or cream-based frozen treat), Banana Split, Sundaes, or Tres Marias (a waffle bowl sundae). It doesn’t stop there; they also have a mind-blowing choice of fruit popsicles, cream popsicles, and sorbets. Buen Provecho!

  • Palacana, 2021 N Amidon Ave #115, Wichita, KS 67203

Yo-B Yogurt & Burgers

If you’re looking for yogurt spots in Wichita, look no further than Yo-B’s frozen yogurt.

This Old Town establishment has over 200 flavors of custard, yogurt, and gelato (with 14 flavors available at any time), and with over 100 toppings, you’ll have the best frozen yogurt in town.

Check for their Chocolate Cheesecake Gelato; it’s heavenly. Don’t forget to add some cheesecake bites as toppings.

A trip to Yo-B will get your taste buds on a roller coaster ride, starting with their burgers and sandwiches to their ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Other Places With Great Ice Cream in Wichita

There are more places in Wichita where you can find a delectable ice cream treat:

The cherry on top!

Wichita, Kansas, the Air Capital of the world, sure knows how to serve ice cream the right way. Soft serve, ice cream cake, or yogurt shops; Wichita has all these and more. While you can always try your favorite places, don’t miss out on the other much-loved go-to ice cream spots here. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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