Best Ice Cream in Raleigh, North Carolina

The Best Ice Cream in Raleigh, NC

There’s no better way to enjoy the City of Oaks than strolling along the majestic oak tree-lined streets with a scoop of ice cream! Here are some of the best ice cream in Raleigh, I’m sure you’ll love too.

The Best Ice Cream in Raleigh, NC

Best Ice Cream Shops in Raleigh

From signature flavors and ice cream cakes to some great yogurt spots, here are some spots you can find great ice cream in Raleigh.

Two Roosters Ice Cream

What started as a locally-sourced ice cream truck roaming the streets (a turquoise 1965 Ford truck, to be precise) in 2015 by an NC State University alum, Jared Plummer, turned into a hit.

In the summer of 2017, they switched to their first brick-and-mortar location. Their popular handcrafted ice cream features a mix of rotating and permanent flavors. 

Some of the Two Roosters’ greatest hits include Blackberry Hibiscus (a personal favorite), Roasted Strawberry and Honey, Sea Salt Chip Cookie Dough, and Dark Chocolate Mint Chunk.

Their have their famed movie series specials which have included Harry’s Butter Beer (credit: Harry Potter), Yeti’s Lemon Snow Cone Sorbet (credit: Monsters Inc.), and Edmund’s Turkish Delight (credit: The Chronicles of Narnia), among others.

They also have a limited selection of sumptuous ice cream cakes (Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Cake, and Cookie Dough).

Fresh. Local Ice Cream

The name says it all! This local family-owned business uses fresh ingredients from local dairy farms weekly to produce unbeatable homemade ice cream in the Triangle area.

Before moving to Raleigh, Brett Hillman and his wife started their ice cream journey in their hometown N.Y., bringing their expertise with them. The importance of collaborating with organic local farms and the strong community helped them become one of the most popular places in the area.

It’s no wonder they have created some award-winning ice cream. Their crowd favorite is the Carolina Crunch (caramel ice cream, Butterfinger, and health bar pieces). Other flavors that will have you wanting more include White Mint Chip, Kona Coffee, Banana Pudding, Coconut Almond Crunch, and Midnight Brownie Crunch.

They also have special monthly flavors, sundaes (including Farm Fresh Doggie Sundae for your furry friend), milkshakes, and soda floats.

You can grab your favorite ice cream from their store or ice cream truck on the streets of Raleigh.

Howling Cow

The Howling Cow Dairy Education Center and Creamery make ice cream on NC State University campus. Generations of North Carolinians have indulged in premium ice cream on campus and also at the North Carolina State Fair which was founded right there at the NC State in 1853.

They make some fabulously good desserts using only fresh milk and cream directly from over 300 NC State cows on their 329-acre Raleigh farm. But they are more than just an ice cream store. They also have a learning center equipped with interactive video exhibits for visitors to discover how the center operates, all while relishing an ice cream sundae.

Among their wide variety of flavors, there’s Campfire Delight, Wolf Tracks, Banana Pudding, Cherry Brick Road, Sea Salt Caramel, and Peanut Butter Spin.

This is a great place to find fresh ice cream, sundaes, banana splits, non-dairy smoothies, milkshakes, specialty coffees, cappuccinos, and lattes.

Lumpy’s Ice Cream

This ice cream shop, in the nearby town of Wake Forest, was the brainchild of Chef Buck Buchanan. From making ice cream as a treat for his kids to selling his first batches from a hand truck in downtown Raleigh, Lumpy’s ice cream now has its first shop in Wake Forest.

Lumpy’s uses only the best ingredients and hormone-free milk and cream sourced from local farms to create flavors such as Georgie’s Fuzzy Peach Dream, Denise’s Chocolate Brownie Addiction, Peter Peter’s Pumpkin Pie, Angel’s Apple Pie, and Charlie’s Cheesecake, among others.

Fancy some alcoholic ice cream? Try Buchanan’s Black and White (Whisky ice cream with chocolate chips), Whisky and Clover, and Bennie’s Bacon and Bourbon. 

Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream

More than just your regular scoop of ice cream, Andia’s story, which started on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus and led to this family-owned business, is close to my heart. My loved one is also from Cyprus, so I knew the ice cream was going to be great!

Andia’s makes small-batch, award-winning ice cream, that feels like home. They have some delicious signature flavors like Oreo Cookies & Cream, Lemon Basil Sorbet, and Coffee Bean Crunch, and also some Cypriot flavors like Baklava and Rose Pistachio.

There are always six extra monthly flavors, like Mango Un-Lyched, Speckled Cherries, and Caramel Macchiato. If you’re the adventurous kind, try the Couch Potato (burned sugar ice cream with chocolate-covered potato chips, brownie bites, and chocolate freckles).

  • Andia’s Ice Cream, 1008 Ryan Rd, Cary, NC 27511, and 10120 Green Level Church Road #208, Cary, NC 27519

Other Places With Great Ice Cream in Raleigh

Here are some other equally good ice cream places you can try in Raleigh:

The cherry on top!

Any town that has Cypriot flavored ice creams is the top of my list and Raleight, NC doesn’t disappoint!

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